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The Problem is not Mexicans

One of Trump’s first agendas is to deport 3 million immigrants. He still wants to build a wall between The United States and Mexico, insinuating that one of  America’s core problems is about race and ethnicity.

This is smoke and mirrors. The Problem is not Mexicans. We must stand together against this lie. This propaganda is leading us away from one of the biggest problems facing the United States. According to Oxfam’s article An Economy for the 1%: How Privilege and Power in the Economy Drive Extreme Inequality and How This Can Be Stopped, “the richest 1% have now accumulated more wealth than the rest of the world put together...Meanwhile, the wealth of the bottom half of humanity has fallen by $1 Trillion in the past five years”, which Oxfam estimates to be a drop of 38%. Wealth Inequality in America, a 6.23 minute video on YouTube by Politizane, notes that an average working person in America has to work a month to make what a top CEO in America makes in one hour. The majority of US citizens are becoming more skeptical about their financial future, not to mention the future of their children.

BBC’s article Hitler’s Rise to Power, discusses how the Treaty of Versailles continued to eat at people. After WWI, Germany was given a raw deal since they lost the war which depleted them of their wealth. Then there was the Great Depression that made people even more desperate. Their skepticism of the government’s handling of these events made them want change. According to the BBC, “many workers turned to communism but this frightened wealthy businessmen, so they financed Hitler’s campaign. Under the Hitler regime, the Jews, the gays and the gypsies became scapegoats. It was argued that if Germany got rid of them, their problems would drastically improve. The fact of the matter is Jews, Gypsies and gays were not the problem. However, it seemed logical at the time  because people do stupid things when they are scared and desperate.

As Americans, the working class is loosing ground by the day as the gap between the rich and the poor grows. Those at the top are gaining not only more money, but more power in politics, the media and throughout the world. This is allowing them to make the rules that govern.  Thom Hartmann, in his book The Crash of 2016, says “We no longer have an economy that’s geared to benefit working people around the world; we have an economy that’s geared to exploit them for Wall Street Profits”. Hartmann goes on to quote Rastani in a BBC interview: “The governments don’t rule the world, Goldman Sachs rules the world”. Goldman Sachs is a bank that greatly benefited 2008 Bank Bailout but is now one of the richest businesses in the world.

Americans are becoming desperate and skeptical of their government for good reason. So we elect a person who says he will fix our problems. Meanwhile, Trump wants to get rid of Mexicans and other immigrants as one of his top agendas. When the KKK recently had a speech of theirs broadcasted saying “Hail Trump”, while raising their hands in the exact same way as the Nazis did to Hitler, and talking about how he was going to make the white man great again, Trump’s campaign, when asked, made zero denouncements of the KKK. Before this, he appointed Stephen Bannon, president of a White Nationalist paper, chief strategist and senior counselor. Bannon was also a former banker at Goldman Sachs.

America, we are in hard times. Many of us are scared and desperate. Please do not let history repeat itself as it did in Germany.

We can stand together as we did with FDR. America was also desperate when he was elected. The difference was that he pulled all Americans together instead of blaming a group due to color, race or ethnicity. He put checks and balances on wealth to even out a playing field that was so favoring of the wealthy that we have not seen it’s like again until now.

Stand Up and Stand Together. YOU make a difference.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself.” – Jesus

“The love of money is the root of all evil”. – Jesus